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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

July 26, 2005

There are several prevalent key food sources that are of the yellow spectrum right now. Pale Morning Duns, Golden Stones, Little Yellow Crane Flies, and Yellow Sallies.
Tie on your favorite size 16 yellow body dry fly and you are in business for morning to noonish fishing on the Madison right now.
When or if fish seem to lose interest try a size 8-14 lime trude or yellow stimulator. If that does not keep the trout's interest then go for a size 10 hopper. Clete caught several nice fish on the hopper today.
On his first day of fly fishing, Alex resorted to a bead head prince nymph with a lightning bug dropper to catch up to his granddad by the end of the float. For some reason this was quite important to the 13 year old. If he does not watch out, one day soon, he may end up being a fly fishing guide. That is if he resists temptation and stays away from the pork rind aisle at the bass pro shop.


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